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Trevor Kirton
Senior Projects Manager at NHS North Central London

I was lucky enough to recruit Dilek for a particularly challenging disaggregation programme, which required a specific and well-honed set of skills. Thankfully, and to the programmes overall benefit, she quickly got to work gaining the key Stakeholders confidence with her technical depth and risk averse approach; and where a degree of risk needed to be accepted she is always able to technically justify both solution and areas for mitigation. 

Dilek is very methodical and pragmatic in all that she does, and has supported the IT Transition team’s activities, even when at times it was outside her specific remit. She is an amiable individual who is well liked by all, who conducts herself in a very professional manner at all times, hard-working, trustworthy, with a fantastic work ethic. Furthermore, and given the challenging nature of the work, she always made sure that she was accessible and willing to engage on technical issues and points of required process. As an example, I was forced to call her on a weekend to engage and look into a serious problem one of the NHS Trusts had encountered and although it was not for her to investigate, she did so, spending 10 hours on a Saturday resolving to the Stakeholders satisfaction. This speaks volumes in my book, that a team member will in times of emergencies, go the extra mile and support her team, and a key Stakeholders service. 


Kevin Hobley
Service Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland

Dilek provided excellent technical expertise on the project she was hired for. She ensured all migrations proceeded smoothly, fitted effortlessly into the team and handled the political challenges of working with a 3rd party company very well. I would hire Dilek again.

Simon Jenkins
Senior Infrastructure Engineer at CommerzBank

I worked with, and managed Dilek for a number of years at Dresdner Kleinwort / CommerzBank. Dilek joined the team as an Active Directory and Exchange specialist and was soon making positive changes to our environment and was highly trusted enough to become one of only a very small number of Enterprise Admins. Dilek worked on many technical and Audit related projects with me, and all were successful, and I have no doubt it was due to Dilek's patience, planning and hard work. Dilek also took the lead in managing the privileged access, and generic account section of the team, scrutinising and technically assessing all requests. I very much enjoyed working with Dilek, and she was a fantastic team member to have on board.

Nicolas Boutinon
Director - Head Workplace Services at Commerzbank AG

Dilek is a very experienced and thorough person. During her time in the organisation, Dilek was instrumental in getting key security topics resolved, and managed on an on-going basis. 
I would recommend her as a trustworthy, reliable and hardworking individual.

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